Shipping & returns
Shipping & returns


Delivery zone

Shipping price          

Shipping times 


start at 40 UAH

1-3 days*


start at 350 UAH

8-16 days*

Middle East

start at 350 UAH

20-40 days*

North Africa

start at 350 UAH

15-22 days*

East Asia

start at 470 UAH

14-18 days*

North America

start at 470 UAH

10-30 days*

South Asia

start at 700 UAH  

24-40 days*

Southeast Asia

start at 700 UAH    

24-40 days*

Central and South America       

start at 700 UAH      

24-40 days*


start at 700 UAH

14-30 days*

Rest of Africa

start at 700 UAH

18-45 days*

*During martial law in Ukraine, delivery terms may be extended. We don't ship to Russia and Belarus.

Shipping within Ukraine is carried out by “Nova Poshta” LLC, international shipments are carried out by USEP “Ukrposhta”.

The seller provides goods to the carrier (Nova Poshta” LLC or USEP “Ukrposhta”) within three business days from the date of receipt of payment subject to their availability.

Estimated delivery time within Ukraine is 1 to 3 business days, international delivery time varies depending on the customer’s region, approximately from 10 to 45 working days.

The customer carries out payment for delivery within Ukraine according to the “Nova Poshta” rates. 

Payment for international delivery is carried out on the website according to the USEP “Ukrposhta” rates.

By purchasing, you automatically agree to the terms (accept the conditions in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), and also agree to comply with all the rules and instructions established by the Cxema music festival and offer.


​​If the product appears to be of the wrong size or poor quality as a result of a manufacturing defect, the customer has the right to return it or exchange it for a similar product of fine quality if one is available in stock. Exchange demands are satisfied within 14 business days period since the delivery date.

If you are experiencing some troubles or have additional questions, please contact us:

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