An open letter from the Cxema team

As you may know, on February 24 Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. For the last eight years, Ukrainian soldiers have been dying almost daily in the Donbas region, which is partly occupied by Russia. In 2014, Russia occupied Crimea, now it plans to capture entire Ukraine.
98% of Ukrainians refuse to live under Russian rule. So, Russia targets civilians. Apart from residential buildings, maternity hospitals, and historic monuments, Russia bombs and occupies nuclear power plants. Refugees are shot dead in their cars by the Russian soldiers, while children in besieged cities are dying from dehydration. This is not a territorial dispute, but a war of extermination. 

Even those who didn’t concern themselves with politics now see that no compromise with Russia is possible: we win or we die. So, many Ukrainian electronic musicians, DJs, promoters, and artists took up arms to defend their right to exist. Recently we published an open letter which shows that the Ukrainian electronic music scene is united more than ever. On its behalf, we ask you for help. 

Please do what you can to stop the war, namely: 

- suspend all cooperation with artists, promoters, businesses, hosts, and organizations, based in Russia;

- remove all representatives affiliated with the Russian Federation from the supervisory and advisory boards of your organizations; 

- refuse any donations, funding, or sponsorships from Russian organizations and their affiliates based in other countries; 

- temporary freeze all access to your products from the Russian Federation;

- condemn the Russian aggression publicly, calling the Russo-Ukrainian war a war;

- if you choose to hold any events about the war, center Ukrainian, not Russian voices.

We strongly believe that economic and cultural restrictions are a logical extension of political isolation. Russia has dedicated the majority of its resources to conquer Ukraine, with 75% of its military forces already fighting. We ask you to limit the Russian  resources and, thus, save lives. Out of every fee, earned by a Russian citizen or in Russia, a small sum is deducted by the government and spent on weapons. Every business or legal interaction, even indirect, with the Russian government makes one complicit in war crimes.

The Russian government may have started this war, but it’s ordinary Russian citizens who wage it and fund it. As of March 1, 59% of Russians approve of the invasion. Putin’s popular support has just risen to 70% — a multi-year high. People in Russia have been clearly supporting Putin’s foreign policy goals for years. Those who don’t support air raids on Ukrainian cities still pay for them through taxes. 

Russian citizens may say they don’t have a choice but to cooperate, but you definitely do. The only way to stop the war is to deprive Russia of its ability to kill. 

Hoping for the best,

Cxema team from Ukraine

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