How to support Ukraine

Because of the Russian full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in need of regular donations to effectively resist the aggressor. Various humanitarian funds and initiatives require constant support as well.

Cxema has made a selection of organisations to which you can donate. Any contribution is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Donate to the army:

Special fundraising account — National Bank of Ukraine opens a special account to raise funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces 

Army SOS — charity fund 

KOLO — fund for operational assistance to the Ukrainian military 

Hospitallers — medical battalion

It Troops — a charitable organisation

Support funds that provide humanitarian and/or medical aid: 

Special fundraising account — National Bank of Ukraine opens a fundraising account for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by Russia’s aggression

Grains of Peace — a fundraising campaign by 20ft Radio  

Dobrovoz — humanitarian volunteer project helps civilian and military doctors with the transportation of medicines in Ukraine.

Help Ukraine Center — a volunteer initiative

Okhmadyt — children's hospital

Support funds that help animals:

UA Animals — Ukrainian animal rights organisation

Help Pets of Ukraine — a volunteer initiative 

Askania-Nova — Ukrainian nature reserve located in Kherson Oblast, that is now occupied 

Support local volunteer initiatives:

Livyj Bereh

Kyiv Angels

Dnipro Volunteer 


Dopomagai — an all-Ukrainian initiative against the war in Ukraine

Shelter for Ukraine — web application

HousingAnywhere —  housing platform

To find more ways how to help Ukraine as a foreigner, check this website: 

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