Cxemcast 044 – JM Moser
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 044 – JM Moser
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

How was Berlin Community Radio started? How did your show appear there?

In 2013, there were no projects like that in Berlin, but the demand was already out there. Inspired by NTS Radio and other projects, my friends launched Berlin Community Radio, and my show, Brown Rice, was there from the very first day. I play various music there — anything I want, actually. Sometimes I invite my artist friends to the show, and then everything happens very spontaneously and unpredictably.

Is Berlin Community Radio just a radio station? If not, what do you do there apart from broadcasts?

Sometimes we throw parties, more or less bi-yearly. The last one took place in KitKatClub, and our residents performed there.

Do you have a favorite place in Berlin?

Well, it is OHM, a small cozy club with good sound. Now lots of people fancy this place.

When did you start playing?

I grew up in a small German town and was always fond of music. As a child, I adored finding new things and playing them for my friends. So, when I moved to Berlin, the decision to become a DJ was quite natural. Then I was fortunate to find the right job: I started helping with organizing a party and that immediately got me into the swirl of events.

Does DJing make you a living?

I have a day job: I'm an office manager, nothing interesting.

Your mixes are quite eclectic. Do you contrast them with “classic” mixes on purpose?

It’s hard for me to move in a single direction. I get bored quickly and it becomes dull. I like dealing simultaneously with different things, and it is reflected in my sets: I like unconventional approaches and contrast. In my opinion, though, playing different music in a set is quite traditional. However, when genres and tempo change constantly, it is important to hold the right groove and follow the mood on the dance floor. Sometimes I use radical approaches to mixing, but it all depends on the dance floor. The most important thing is to make people feel good.

What kind of atmosphere on the dance floor do you like the most?

An intimate and friendly one. The main thing is that everyone should feel free, open, and be able to do anything they want.

Tell us about the mix you recorded for us.

I tried to accommodate a lot of different rhythms in it, so the mixing turned out to be quite unique. I also wanted to create a dark and mysterious mood. Many ups and downs can be spotted here, and I think that such form is more interesting to be listened to at home. Although the mix includes several nostalgic rave tracks, I don’t see any reason to imitate the club atmosphere in podcasts.

What is rave for you?

I want it to sound like in Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore short film.

Do you like playing experimental music at parties?

Yes, but only at the beginning of a party or when an appropriate chance comes along. I really enjoy the moments when you can play absolutely non-dance tracks and it still works. It is magic.

How did you learn about Cxema?

One day I came across some photos from the party. It looked extremely cool.

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