Cxemcast 037 – Kiddmisha
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 037 – Kiddmisha
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

01. John Daly – Meltdown (Echologist Dub)
02. Coni – Bunkers Groove
03. Grad_U – Hydrogen Reactor
04. Atheus – Hypno Chamber
05. Serebryansky - Arcadia (Unsigned)
06. Dj Qu – The Zones
07. Kangding Ray – Isib
08. Lerosa – Plesso
09. Stefan Rein - Ladyboy
10. Untidy – Untitled
11. Steaward - 6am
12. Antigone – The Wizard
13. Unbroken Dub - Monogroove
14. IV Mickey - Tvzoid (Forthcoming)
15. Sascha Rydell – Identified
16. Giulio Etiope – Lost In Subway (Jeroen Search Remix)
17. Traumprinz – Big Baby Jesus

What are you making music for?

I realized that music takes up most of my life and inspires me a long time ago. I'm definitely not going to stop.

Tell us about your releases.

My first release was published on the Internet-label Chevengur Melody. It was followed by the collaboration with a musician named Apoena: we had a track on Mysterious Russian Soul label, two collection-records released on Simple Things and Allnight labels and another track will be released soon. In addition, there are two compilations on vinyl with my tracks on Fox Trax and a new Ukrainian label called Noneside. This year my first solo record is being released.

What kind of music does Noneside release?

Noneside is a new and a very promising Ukrainian label owned by Lostlojic, who is a Kyiv-based musician. Noneside focuses on unusual and 'basement-like' sound. When I got the release offer, I agreed.

How long have you been writing tracks?

I started composing music about seven years ago when, after listening to a large number of electronic music, I decided to try to create a track. My efforts were directed with the support and advice from other musicians and I became motivated to continue working. In a few years, I set up an aim to release my music on physical media.

How have your priorities and approaches to writing music changed within seven years?

More serious approach to music appeared. Over time, I pay more attention to details while working, as the track should sound perfect to me so that I wouldn’t guess what could I change or do better.

Why does physical media matter so much to you?

I give respect for music on vinyl, it makes you select only the best material from everything written to issue only one of fifty tracks. It differs from a weekly output and an appearance of a new release on sale via Beatport. Vinyl motivates and leads to a more thorough work on details.

How does the process of writing a track flow?

It is difficult to describe it precisely. There is no particular genre that I work in. Everything goes freely by itself and a lot depends simply on the mood. Sometimes, I can create a lot of sketches or even complete a track in one evening, but the next day I like absolutely nothing from it and just want to say: "What is this nonsense?". However, I gather everything that was written, because it happens that after adding a few details, you get the harmony that was meant initially.

Which setup do you use to embody your ideas?

I work with software and know how to create the exact sound I want. There are some toys, such as Maestro synthesizer, but I haven’t used it for the tracks so far. Sampling is also an important point for me, when you can insert a recorded loop of market noise or a cut part of Soviet tales. Anyways, I will get the instruments soon to bring harmony into work and improve sound quality.

Who or what inspires you?

I can’t give specific names, but there are a few labels that inspire me, like Udacha (Rus. – Luck) and the ones that are conceptually related to it.

Is it hard to work as a musician here in Ukraine?

Considering that my priority is writing music, I think the place you live in absolutely does not matter. The location doesn’t affect the sounding of a track that comes out.

Why do you think that the place does not affect the music?

When you are immersed by writing a track, you forget about everything that is happening around.

Do you manage to live only by making music?

Basically, I can’t live only by making music, because other habitual issues and concerns are always present. However, most of my free time I dedicate to working on new material.

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