Cxemcast 033 – Voin Oruwu
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 033 – Voin Oruwu
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

01. Intro
02. Jack The Copy Machine
03. Oruwu Island
04. Yasmine Hamdan - Khalas (Voin Oruwu Remix)
05. Untitled
06. Dawn Theme
07. Znayut Vsyakih
08. Untitled
09. Untitled w/ Recid
10. Pete Namlook & Burhan Oscal (Voin Oruwu Live Edit)
11. Outro

Everyone knows you as Koloah. Why have you created Voin Oruwu project?

At some point, Koloah project has come to a dead end. I had no releases for two years, even though I was spending most of the time in the studio. I changed the approach to writing music, switched instruments, thus the sound was modified. The structure of tracks has became different. The new project is the result of finding new forms and aesthetics of sound. Originally, I conceived Voin Oruwu as a conceptual live performance with deep background and a story. In the end, it appeared to be just live.

What is this story you’ve mentioned?

Initially, I am a film director, and Voin Oruwu somehow was to become a realization of my ideas for the last five or six years. I wrote a story, which I planned to follow up with five video works: two clips, two different performances, and a short film. I had a small team of people who agreed to help me, but since it was a completely DIY project, I just ran out of time, effort and money to pull this all together. I put everything on pause for now, made up another program – more ‘dance’ one – and I play it. This mix is closer to what I wanted to say when I first started Voin Oruwu project.

What is your story about?

It takes place in an alternative universe that is similar to ours, only it is more advanced – the world is ruled by science, not war. In general, it is a multi-layered story about humans and society. I think that we could have followed this scenario, but took a wrong turn at some point in history.

I have an impression that there are many oriental motifs in your music. How can you explain it?

I love history and I have a weakness for oriental culture, mostly Arabic. This world is filled with a lot of interesting things. I think that the Arabic music culture has great effect upon the global tendencies and, above all, I enjoy its mysticism. It reflects my mood.

At the same time one could sense the aesthetics of ambient music in the style of Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and others. Is their music close to you?

Yes, but I can’t say that they affected me in some way. I get inspiration from other things. My main inspiration is space and parallel universes. It is an infinity for imagination. My mother had many books, about three thousand of them, and two thirds were science fiction. One of the first movies that I remember are "Lex" and "Through the Horizon". They influenced me immensely at the time. By the way, my mother loves my music very much.

What will happen to Koloah?

Koloah stays. I continue to work with many artists. I do music production and sound design. I’ve recently completed several projects as a sound producer.

What kind of projects?

They can be described as alternative pop music, but we’ll talk about them later.

You have a release planned with Kiev House label. What is it going to be like?

I was inspired by the movement of lo-fi sound, and by Kyiv, as always. I also like the direction that Max chose for the label’s releases. So this release was meant to be!

How do you evaluate the current local scene?

It is growing. It’s nice to know that we are currently in the thick of its development, and that we can even influence on what is happening. I’m glad that there are many young musicians, and pleased with the successes of the experienced guys on the global scene. It is cool. Slowly, but confidently, it goes on. Or maybe not slowly.

Do you have plans to release on any foreign labels?

Yes, of course. I’ve signed on a few tracks, however there is still an unreleased album - its fate is my priority at the moment.

How is it going with Illuminate community?

Now boys are actively trying to find some form that would not be lost among all that is happening in our city. In fact, I’d love to talk more about Illuminate. We believe that we can turn this into some kind of a platform.

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