Cxemcast 031 – Skan
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 031 – Skan
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

01. Supply
02. Zero-X
03. Modern World
04. Illumination
05. Inner Space
06. Theoreme
07. Dark and Dump
08. Phobos

How long have you been making music?

It’s hard to say, as I've been starting and quitting a lot. I used to have many projects in different areas.

Why have you been quitting?

As soon as something was starting to work out, I would find more important things to do than making music; probably, I just didn't know what should I do next.

Did something change?

I feel calm; I've put my life in order.

What influences and inspires you?

Science and contemporary art influence me. Speaking of science, to me, it is rather about technology and progress. My wife always says that I love my instruments more than her. Since the very childhood, I used to have more fun spending time with tech than with friends. However, I fancy the opportunities provided by technology, not the hardware itself. Music as an art form inspires me, of course; I wonder how it affects people in general.

What instruments do you use?

I shall not list, I can only say that I am more comfortable working with software than with hardware. However, in order to really understand that I need software, I had to spend a fortune on hardware.

Do you consider yourself a beginner? Is it difficult to “market” yourself correctly?

I will keep thinking of myself this way until a major label releases my records. Yes, I have this stereotype, and it is somewhat useful to clarify my position.

Do you prepare any releases?

It’s not yet time.

So, you only play live?


Where did you enjoy performing the most?

Frankly speaking, I’m not a huge fan of playing live, it’s very stressful. However, I enjoyed it wherever I played. I’ve met interesting people and got a lot of feedback.

What difficulties do you face as an emerging artist?

There’s only one problem — lack of resources. I have a day job, unrelated to music. I only have my free time to make music. The money I make playing live won’t be enough to eat, let alone to buy a synth or even a plugin.

Do you see any other options?

There are two ways. Music as hobby which does not interfere with making money, or emigration and work for labels. Everything we have here is driven by enthusiasm of the people who try to change the game.

But if music remains at a hobbyist level, nothing will change, will it?

I’d rather call it “double life”. Sure, if you want to achieve serious results, you should work all the time you have. For now, I am unable to change this situation, therefore I sacrifice sleep and rest. I work on my music for six hours every day. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the things I love full-time.

What do you plan for the near future and what do you expect from the next Схема?

I hope the party will be peaceful and without raids. Otherwise, I’ll continue working my way towards tracks I won’t be ashamed of to release.

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