Cxemcast 030 – Vualitron
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 030 – Vualitron
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

This is a live mix. How did you record it?

This is a live mix of tracks written in 2014–2015. I used Ableton Live and a controller. I also play the same tracks live with Elektron Octatrack, a reverberator, and a drum machine.

What else do you use to write music? How does your desktop look like?

Well, a lot of stuff. Whatever I have at hand: recorder, drum machine, synth, sampler. I use both hardware and software. Actually, sometimes you can write a complete track in Logic.

Do you think that when music is constructed, it loses its magic?

Magic depends on the perception of music. If you do not feel the magic, even the best track will leave you indifferent. One appreciates different music under different circumstances. Being a musician, I’m interested in process and final result, which is basically sound from the monitors, but means of getting this sound don’t really matter.

What does matter then?

I like when tracks add some charm and rhythm to the reality. I like when they don’t impair paranoia and stress, which always accompany us in the big city, but vice versa, when tracks distance you from the turmoil, making it abstract and funny; when they create a kind of zen happiness — calm and alert state. We do not have drugs legalized, though music is intended to lead through the trip, that’s what matters. Unfortunately, it is still quite risky.

Is it important to monitor trends when writing music?

Speaking of hype, I’m really amused how short-term trends make people write and play something radically new, opposite to what they were used to. Or vice versa, how trends encourage people to keep going without these “new rave” distractions.

What is trendy for you right now?

I don’t care about trends. The little black dress is my current trend: as a philosophical concept, as a reflection of mood, and as a way of interaction. The little black dress is a way out of gender framework, it is pure utilitarian usefulness and convenience. Then, I’m always curious how people hit the dancefloor with something that shouldn’t work in theory. It is clear that 128–130 bpm and four on the floor with a synth line will easily make thousands dance. However, it is really exciting when someone plays weird tracks and people still don’t leave.

What was your influence to start producing electronic music?

I don’t know. Probably, it was acid.

Do you like the parties you attend?

Some parties in Closer are pretty good. Otel' club is also interesting, you can listen to new local artists there. Some sessions at Эfir and Kontrapunkt are nice at being honest and relaxed.

How long have you been writing music?

Since 2000. I have a few projects. There is a record on Dubwax label and I’ve also self-released. However, I think that speaking about music in terms of success is a bit one-sided and wrong. John Frusciante has recently said that music shouldn’t be sold, but distributed for free — then it would become less biased, more lively and honest. Perhaps, he is kind of right. Losers, who don’t release albums but vibrate with ideas and play live constantly, really feel the moment. This year I’m preparing another release and, with any luck, even more.

Is it difficult to be an artist in Ukraine?

It depends. If you are an introvert or autistic, then it is. If you are a good-looking friendly blond without unnecessary prejudices and principles, then everything is much easier.

Do you imply that it is necessary to communicate and meet people in order to play regularly?

More or less so.

But does music itself matter?

It matters, of course, but in different ways. For an artist, music is a way of sublimation, a kind of expression of an attitude to what happens in their life. For popular DJs, it is an instrument of manipulating people on the dance floor and a means of maintaining their image.

What do you do besides music?

I love cycling. Not a hundred kilometers every day, but doing thirty-five is no problem. I also like unconventional movies and Tumblr.

Do you have a cycling route?

All routes are interesting. I don’t like taking the same way home. Though, you can ride along the embankment from Vydubychi to Obolon’, and its cool. It is also nice to ride in Holosiiv forest or on Muromets island.

What are you listening to while cycling?

Oh, I don’t cycle with headphones. Firstly, it is dangerous, secondly, I appreciate silence.

Do you get inspired by ambient sounds?

I always carry a charged recorder in my backpack. I record everything that draws my attention. I bring a few recording from all my trips; recordings of something that can be found only there: drummers from Athens or nightingales from Montenegro.

Which sounds do you like the most?

The sound of waves. Birds, cicadas, and TB-303, of course.

What does Vualitron mean?

It’s just a neologism. A word that didn’t exist before. It might be a hybrid of hedgehog and robot, or a tree elf.

Whom can you highlight from local scene?

Well, everybody is cool. For example, Brother G, Strukturator, Mokri Dereva, Sommer, Vaschenko, Komponente, Shakolin, and DJ Borys.

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