Cxemcast 022 – Zakat95
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 022 – Zakat95
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Why do you play incognito?

I want the listener to be focused on music, not image. When you see an artist, you immediately tie their image to what they play. However, I just want to create a vibe. People didn’t pay attention to the looks before. There were numerous artists and white label releases which you cling to only through music. So, this is a kind of tribute to those times.

That’s why you’ve chosen trance music? Do you think trance is the next stage of development of dance culture, after techno?

I’ve been waiting long for the return of trance; the German first wave, to be precise. I am happy to see a glimpse of revival, although I occasionally surf Juno searching for new trance releases and they tend to be not so interesting in terms of sound and concept. All of this can be traced from the moment when the rethinking of ambient and leftfield sound with a modern twist took off. Logically, the next wave will likely be at the intersection of analog techno and power ambient. In trance I like harmony, mood, and atmosphere. It resonates with me better than modern techno. I grew up on releases of Sonic Records, Kontor Music, KLF Communications, R&S, React. I like the borderline neighborhood of techno, house, and ambient music, maybe with a bit of acid and jungle, and with influence of new age wave; without inflection towards total trash, but without cut corners as well.

You frequently travel across Ukraine. What is happening in small towns?

Yeah, I like traveling, communicating with different musicians. It’s nice that youth has united despite recent events. It can be especially felt in small towns. Theу are proud of their origin and of each other. These collectives actually make important things happen, the things that clubs and venues cannot achieve. However, in some cases it leads to destruction and the energy, produced by these people, doesn’t go beyond their circle, bursts there and dies. Therefore, it is important to look for ways to express creative energy.

You write music. What are music and creativity for you? Why are you doing this?

Yes, sometimes I write for myself. To create something new is an escape, and realizing that you’ve created something which didn’t exist ten minutes ago is priceless: maybe it is something that might survive you. I hope that I will soon introduce a reinterpreted version of old trance with modern spirit. Now I reflect a lot about how should it sound like.

What could make you give up music?

The understanding that I'm not interested anymore. This is a hobby, so there isn’t a lot of risk.

Is there a typical “Kyiv style” of electronic music?

I think so, and it is quite unique. A friend once said: “Kyiv is a city that has its own distinctive mood: it is equally daring and tender”. We live in a unique time when any endeavour can grow into something great and original, but you've got to be honest in it, be it music or literature.

When you play at Схема, what will you look like? You’ll be wearing a mask, right?

Haven’t thought about it yet. It’s going to be something simple, neutral, and not shocking.

Tell us about your mix. Which track is your favorite?

The mix mostly consists of first wave trance tracks. Again, German scene. Several tracks from that period to 2000s. I tried to make it smooth, taking it out of Схема context, and adapt to the present time. My favorite track is the last one, the white label release Nightflight on Wax by Mark N-R-G.

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