Cxemcast 021 – Vera Sue
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 021 – Vera Sue
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

01. The Persuader - Sjalvilan [Templar, 2015]
02. Infiniti - Think Quick (Moritz Von Oswald '94 Remodel) [Tresor, 2012]
03. Paradise 3001 - Texas Nebulae [ESP, 1992]
04. Biosphere - Novelty Waves [Biophon, 1994]
05. Marcos Cabral - Tio Rico [L.I.E.S., 2013]
06. El_Txef_A - Claim Of Planet Earth (Deep'a & Biri rmx) [Forbidden Colours, 2015]
07. Theorem vs. Stewart Walker - Minor Explosions [M_nus, 2000]
08. Unbroken Dub - Spacing [Delsin, 2012]
09. Ovend - Marathon3 [Ahrpe, 2014]
10. Etapp Kyle - Astra [Klockworks, 2013]
11. Ismistik - Running Water [Djax-Up-Beats, 1995]
12. Artefakt - Mirror Society [Field, 2012]
13. Seraphim Rytm - Angara [Seraphim Rytm, 2015]

How are things going with Rhythm Büro?

RB is currently in an active preparatory mode. We keep silence, but the work is boiling. Spring was pretty productive - we invited Zadig, then Abdulla Rashim and Etapp Kyle within Strichka festival. In summer we all went to Chernivtsi to support local Paporot’ (Ukr. – fern) festival. Now we’re making plans for the fall. I would like to continue the tradition of secret locations. We got quite exhausted with locations’ search for the past few months. However, these issues with venues are worth time and energy spent.

Did it get easier to prepare for the parties?

Not that much so far, but we hope for favorable conditions and gradual facilitation of the process.

How did you go from DJing to studio opening and organization of parties?

It is not surprising, a standard story. If you do what you love, you don’t stay long in one place. Although sometimes I think that when I first tried to learn how to play at my friend’s place, I could not imagine that in 10 years he would go off the distance and I would have a party, studio etc. Such an irony.

Maybe it depends on age? You grow older and quit the toys?

Growing up, people continue to play games. Toys are transformed, but the essence doesn’t really change. I think that playing with your favorite things is real, but this adult happiness must be earned. You have to plan strategy, evolution of your game, move to a new level. The majority, I’m sure, doesn’t want to grow and dump, however gets stuck for some reason. Then other games show up on the horizon. Not always loved, but more common in the environment, stable, feasible or with more of status. It is also an option. One should look for own place in life.

Have you started to write music? Tell us about it and your plans for the future.

I started to write music back in 2008. Since then, I study and work on myself. Regularity in studio work appeared only about one and a half years ago. Before that, I had been waiting for quick success and I got quickly demotivated with unsatisfying results. As a DJ, I could feel that something was wrong. So I worked with large time intervals. Now I’m more focused and can see the progress. Although, I should note that I’m very lucky with the environment: there is a studio and every day I am surrounded by creative people, who have already shaped themselves as producers. The dudes help me, point out the weaknesses and give good advices. Especially, I’m grateful to Sasha. During this time, I’ve learned that quality sound doesn’t come easily. By the way, since you last visit I have entered a music school. Nice experience!

By the way, what’s up with the studio? Do you have any students? Are you doing mastering?

Most of the time we work there with our own projects. There are a couple of students, but it is a symbolic load. However, Sasha got actively engaged into mastering and mixing. This trend is very promising. Now the studio mastering is executed directly for Triple Vision distributor. We get a lot of music from them. All digital of Planet Rhythm label is mastered here, a lot of our Ukrainian colleagues come to us with music. Therefore, the studio gradually accumulates axe. We use it for others’ and our needs.

What about Sasha with his Na Nich project?

Everything is cool. He has accumulated a lot of material. However, he doesn’t force the events, plays tracks live and works on it. There are many plans, but I won’t rush to share. We will better discuss the results.

How did the festival in Chernivtsi go?

I was pleasantly surprised by the event. I think Serega Etapp Kyle inspired local guys and they perform their work great. There are some DJs, who I want to invite to Kyiv after the party. Tarra and Slasle are great. I danced till morning during their sets. This is my third time in Chernivtsi, if I’m not mistaken. I had played at Meridian Czernowitz before. Each time I emphasize that this is a beautiful cultural city.

Tell us about the mix and tracks, which it consists from Why did you do such selection?

Some tracks I’ve played at parties, some were waiting for the podcast since they open up better while are listened to with player during a walk, for example. The tracklist includes works from the early 90s to the present day, so one can follow how did sound change under the influence of different styles. I think the mix will go for people with a positive outlook on techno and electronic music in general.

Don’t you plan to reorganize 22:22 studio into label? Would you like to release someone?

22:22 Records label exists for a long time. This is the first native drum and bass label with vinyl releases. However, we are now focused on other things, so 22:22 Rec doesn’t have many news and we have even put it on hold to some extent.

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