Cxemcast 020 – Inga Mauer
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 020 – Inga Mauer
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

A Russian DJ regularly travelling to Europe and playing there is a pretty rare sight. How did you get there?

Well, somehow it turned out. It’s love for music’s handiwork, I guess. I don’t see any other way to answer this question.

Tell us about your work at Clone. What is it, and what’s your role there?

It is a Dutch organization consisting of a label with several sub-labels, a vinyl store, and a distribution company, well-known in the music world. Clone specializes mainly in electronic music. My duties... Can’t even list everything at once, there’s a lot of them. You know, it's an entire factory! Also, I have to communicate with people all the time. I’m learning Dutch now, gonna pass the exams soon...

Is there really a demand for DJs and producers from Eastern Europe (from Ukraine and Russia, in our case), or is that an artificial hype that we’ve created ourselves?

Are you talking about someone in particular? I don’t see any hype. I have three friends who are in demand. However, not because they originate from Eastern Europe, but because they work like buffalos 24/7.

What makes the difference between parties here and abroad? Tell us about your best party ever.

I grew up on music produced by the Dutch label Bunker, knew everything about everyone: how the crazy techno parties were held in basements during the ’90s, and how everyone fused into a single musical ball of energy and drugs. I felt that it was something special, mysterious, something not meant for everyone, only for the chosen or whatever... My childhood dream was to get there, at least to catch a glimpse of all that madness. The dream came true, but the other way around. I am now playing at these parties. Moreover, all my childhood idols became my close friends and colleagues. However, Bunker parties can’t be compared to any other European, and especially Russian, event. This is something else. They have retained the secrecy, up until now they stay off the radar, “private parties” as they say, and with no announcements on social media. The label’s boss sends personal letters via mail or passes an A4-sized invitation, with a ballad in Old French language, for example. And on the day of the event you see a huge crowd of people coming from different cities and countries just to take part in this madness. Yes, it is insanity. You forget who you are, what you are wearing, and even who you came with. There's only music, love, and infernal strobe.

Speaking of other parties, they don’t differ much. Everywhere I go I feel very happy, because I meet wonderful people, we have fun and dance till morning. Many of them have become my friends and they often come to see me at other parties in different countries, and we have a lot of fun as well. With some I then establish working relationships, and new projects emerge.

How is your 808 Problems party series doing?

They were held in Russia and Germany. Now they are in the woods, on vacations.

I’ve heard a lot about St. Petersburg not having any clubs until recently; they say, there were only bars or occasional parties. Is something interesting going on there right now?

I know little about the current situation, I don’t live in St. Petersburg for more than a year. I only know it from photos, but it looks decent! However, the stories about the absence of clubs are lies. Clubs have always been around, as well as parties with decent artists, it’s just that there was no universal attention to them. I’d answer this way: until recently, there was no trend for good electronic music, that's what. Now various collectives of St. Petersburg have merged into one, and I am truly happy about that.

You’ve frequented Kyiv lately. Is it love?

Of course, it is love! I do nothing without love! There is only love around me in my life.

Is it difficult to be a DJ for a girl?

Is it difficult to be a DJ for a boy? (Laughing)

What are your plans for the future?

South America.

Could you share a track that you are definitely playing at Cxeмa?

Bunker Records 024 – Musik Aus Strom.

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