Cxemcast 014 – Tarra
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 014 – Tarra
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

What is Capsule? How was it started?

Capsule is a techno project, which exists for 2 years. It was started thanks to a group of people who met at a home party and found similarities in musical tastes. That’s why we had an idea to make a series of parties, the main component of which is classic techno music.

So, you’ve actually created techno culture in Chernivtsi, didn’t you?

There were attempts to organize techno events before Capsule. I guess we just had enough patience, desire, and vision to properly present underground music in Chernivtsi. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without great support of friends and significant others.

What was the first party like?

Since none of us had experience of throwing parties at the time, we thought of it as of a successful one. We gathered around two hundred people and, considering the size of our town, this number has given an impetus to further development.

Many wonder why is it that techno is having a revival. Do you think we’re on a new stage of development?

You can’t catch techno within any framework and, moreover, its essence can’t be expressed in a couple of words. Everyone finds something personal in it. Once techno symbolized progress, but now it helps to remember the past, to go back to basics, but at the same time to continue looking to the future. I strongly suppose that this genre won’t run out of ideas for a long time!

Which musicians you think play “true” techno?

There are many “true” musicians. I would highlight DVS1, and also Etapp Kyle and Stanislav Tolkachev, my compatriots.

Incidentally, Etapp Kyle played at your party. How cool is that to invite a musician who plays b2b with Ben Klock?

It is excellent that Ukrainian scene is developing and our artists are in demand. This party was indeed a great success, for which we should thank Serhiy aka Etapp Kyle. It’s so pleasant to hear world-class music from our guys.

Do you think economic crisis will affect the demand on local artists and increase their quality level?

The crisis will affect everything, and music is no exception. However, I support an optimistic outlook and hope that this way Ukrainian artists will get an opportunity to be heard. All that remains is to make quality music.

What is Capsule preparing for Kyiv, and what will you play personally?

Capsule won’t change its traditions. The whole focus will be on the musical component, and visuals will be an appendage. Speaking of me, I might play more aggressive music, different from recent performances. Really looking forward to play at the party!

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