Cxemcast 009 – Youkovskiy
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Cxemcast 009 – Youkovskiy
Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.

Acid house has peaked in popularity in the early ’90s. Isn’t that a step back, doing the same thing now?

Acid is multifaceted. Not as much as other styles of electronic music, but it hasn’t exhausted itself yet, for sure! Its simple rhythmic sound is catchy, but sounds unique. Everyone likes acid, unlike Chicago house or garage.

So, there’s still hype around acid? Roma Litvinov’s release and street fashion trends seem to confirm it.

Nowadays everyone is keen on techno, and that’s understandable. Although acid isn’t at the top of the list for clubbers, it isn’t jarring and fits quite well into current musical tastes. Also, acid is still often released by pretty good labels.

They say, there is some kind of distinctive St. Petersburg melancholy. Does the club scene or the music of the city express it?

This notion of melancholy is completely irrelevant to the nightlife. Perhaps, you could speak this way about the city in general. Nevertheless, I think it is a kind of cliché, and I don’t quite support it. The fact that everything is different in St. Petersburg is true, but it’s not about melancholy.

What is this difference, then?

For example, we really have a lot of bars, there’s no post-Soviet city that has this much. Nonetheless, not long ago there just wasn’t a single club! This tendency is slowly eroding, though. Clubs are starting to open and that’s cool.

Not a single club in the whole city?

This was exactly the case. There are some problems with underground parties too. At best, we only have Superslet, a rave held in a former factory building.

Bars still can’t make up for this lack, can they?

Bars bring predominance of commercial music. They usually try to attract visitors with a wide range of drinks instead, or with some other stuff. However, right now we are in a transition stage.

What happens next with club culture in St. Petersburg?

Everyone is aware of the problem. New clubs where they play techno and invite artists from abroad are being opened. It has just started this month; Mosaique club is worth mentioning, for example. Hopefully, this trend will continue to develop.

What was the catalyst?

Everyone was tired of this situation. Hungry audience and DJs — all together.

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