Cxemcast 059 – Nastya Muravyova
Interviewed by Darko Lisen.

Cxemcast 059 – Nastya Muravyova
Interviewed by Darko Lisen.

Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Hurry (Lurka remix)
Klute - Moving Finger - How We Learn Reality
Bily - Mechanism
Aerts - Gracture (Charlton remix)
Bily - Codec
Norberto - Sius
Mary Velo - Code of Behaviour
Sp-X - Searching for a Cause
Mary Velo - Rack
Cassegrain & Tin Man - Seduct Seduct
Progression - P&K
Peg - Sharp
Liquid Marble - Extension
Insolate - Fallin Apart
Ben Sims - Acid Od
Arkvs - Endorphine
Lifka - New Order
Marla Singer - Unsleepy (Sawlin remix)
Aphex Twin - Nightmail

Let’s begin with your last mix. You often share mixes on your profile. Is there anything special about this one?

Every mix is special. I am very serious about them, and it takes me a lot of time to record each one. There are so many mixes since I receive a lot of requests, and it’s nearly impossible for me to refuse.

Given their number, I wonder, how do you record them. You probably can’t afford to spend too much time recording them. But still...

It takes about two weeks to choose tracks. Every mix should have its own story. A mix without a story is like a house without a roof.

You appear in recent lineups very often. Bookings from Lviv to Berlin, not even mentioning Kyiv. How can you explain this?

I ask myself this question as well (laughs).

I have heard a lot about your Tresor set, but I’d like to hear about it from you...

It was one of my best shows. I usually have a critical attitude towards everything I do, but at Tresor it was just over my head — the people and the sound were incredible. And that was my first show in Europe. So, I remember it very clearly and I will tell my children how cool the place is:)

Who are the Celestial?

It is a booking agency based in Kyiv with a series of shows in Europe. All information is available on the website and on social media.

You don’t hesitate to reveal the tracks in your mixes, judging by your Soundcloud comments and the fact that you’ve shared the tracklist with me. Do you feel confident enough to expose them?

I usually do not play tracks from my mixes twice. Usually. It's not a problem to look for new ones. Recently there was a weird situation. A man was standing near me at my set, staring all the time. Afterwards, he went round telling everyone I stole his tracks.

I’ve already asked about recording mixes, now tell me more about the 

digging process. How much time do you spend looking for new stuff? What do you use, where do you go?

It depends. There are good days when top-notch tracks go one after another, and there are also days when Moon seems to be in Capricorn or whatever, and I need to listen through a hundred tracks to find a single good one. I'm searching mostly on YouTube and Bandcamp (I buy tracks there) and rarely on Soulseek. And sometimes on Discogs, of course.

Nastya Muravyova putting her tracks in her mix — is it ever going to happen? Are you moving towards producing?

This is my main goal. I am headed for this and really hope that something will come out soon.

Now, when your schedule is stuffed with dates and parties, tell me about your very first shows. How did you end up behind the DJ booth?

At first, I just went to different parties and danced, then I began to listen to music and got interested in tracks and performers. And then somehow I went to a party at Otel’, organized by my friends, Akkurat. I asked them to put a track and experimented with equalizer — and they offered me to become a DJ as well.

The crucial thing there was not even the fact that someone liked the tracks I found, but the fact that someone used words “Nastya” and “DJ” in one sentence. I learned everything by myself. At first it was pretty tough — I was completely unprofessional.

Tell me about the most pleasant and the most unpleasant places where you’ve played in Kyiv.

I am pleased to play always and everywhere. I enjoy the process itself. Of course, the sound isn't always the best or there might be some other issues, but it does not matter that much.

You had a show at London’s Radar Radio, now silenced by scandal — it has suspended broadcasts after accusations of abusive practice, especially towards female DJs. Are you comfortable playing in Kyiv? What is the general attitude here?

Actually, at first nobody was taking me seriously (not everyone does even now). As for laughing at me, a “little DJ girl", I don’t think I remember anything like that.

You are currently working as a flight attendant (you even fill out this interview from work). How do you manage to balance frequent flights, jet lag and staying fit for work, with so many shows, DJing or just dancing. Is it difficult to handle?

It is very difficult to balance, because at work they don’t give me day-offs during weekends. It is not like 5/2 here. I don’t know my schedule in advance. The schedule comes two weeks ahead, but sometimes it changes on a daily basis. Speaking of “just dancing”, I do it very rarely, I’m fine with the shows I play at. I’ve never managed to get used to this schedule, but I just love working.

The Grazhdanskaya Oborona patch and the Korol i Shut sweatshirt – do you really like these bands or is it a joke?

No way... I adore Korol i Shut and Grazhdanskaya Oborona and Sektor Gaza. Punks not dead! (laughs)

Fair enough. So what have you been listening to before, and do you still listen to that kind of music?

Oh my, I started with classic rock and punk rock, continued with post-punk, hardwave, then hardcore. I love Pink Floyd, The Smiths, The Sound, John Maus... and the list goes on forever. While commuting, for example, I like to listen to all those tracks you never get bored listening to (a small part of that collection you can check out in my podcast for Okno bar).

I love Russian rock (Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Sektor Gaza, Korol i Shut, Viktor Tsoi — а regular set, so to speak). I like sad tracks and I don't know why. Also, I'm constantly looking for something, trying to find new sound, apart from techno. Of course, I’d better start producing, but all in good time.

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